Content Writing jobs in UAE

Content Writing jobs in UAE

We should be aware of the fact that almost every digital marketing firm or corporate business requires content writers. The reason is simple; in order to engage the audience or rank the website on a search engine, there is a need for unique and optimised content. Moreover, a content specialist also offers a helping hand in social media marketing campaigns and other promotional projects. That is the reason there is an immersive need for content writing services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other cities of the UAE. The country is filled with Freeland and mainland companies, and there are various MNCs that are always in search of digital marketers. This means if you are a good writer, plus follow the audience-grabbing tactics; then, you can get excellent opportunities for content writing in UAE. 

High-Profile Companies That Hire Content Writers in UAE

In the land of professional opportunities, there are plentiful advantages for skilled people. Therefore, office-based companies and remote businesses are searching for expert digital marketers. If we go through online search engines aiming to find the best content writing service opportunities, then most of the suggestions are for freelancing work. However, the list includes those digital marketing companies that offer flexible salary packages to content exclusive along with further allowances. Here is the list of companies where you can apply for content writing jobs.  

  • Optima Management Consultants UAE
  • Enum Digital 
  • Deriv DMCC
  • kingsmen agency
  • Twinkl 
  • Mega Mobious
  • AKFA Media

Best Job Hunting Platforms in UAE

There can be many advises plus suggestions regarding starting a career as a content specialist, but before listening to others, it is important to learn about the scope and demands of the recommended field. Hence, those with all the required writing skills must know about the online application platforms that provide opportunities to connect with the intended company. That’s why have a look at the top and quick-responding websites that suggest where to apply and notify job hunters about the response of company recruiters. 


This website is best known for hiring operations in the middle east region; UAE is the core job-hunting country where thousands of people apply daily. For an open-hand opportunity to meet with the niche of the company and offer your services, Bayt can help you out with the suggestions for trending job positions. 

There is also a huge community of content writers and social media specialists with various job vacancies, which they share on Bayt communication pages and groups. One of the best things about these online job-seeking platforms is the friendly and helpful cooperation between the users that makes them different from other social media platforms.

Most countries where online earning is common have websites that suggest job availability in every city or province. Likewise, Monstergulf is a platform that comes up with job employment recommendations for the locals of the UAE. Along with various job position options, this website also suggests how to get recognised quickly. Hence, the list of job-seeking options is huge, containing job application ads from various companies daily. 

In the job search section, you can easily find that this website highlights jobs in several big cities of the UAE. Similarly, after buying the premium package of Mongstergiulf, there are multiple services job hunters can acquire. For instance, CV writing, career booster and mock interview services. 


This website has the stamp of appreciation from recruiters for an easy applying and job posting space. In simple terms, Indeed is one of the best job-hunting and recruiting websites around the globe. Moreover, the prime assistance of this website is that it allows you to share the selected information that is needed. In the same way, Indeed has a never-ending search list, as you just have to try new job-related keywords to find the best results. 

In professional hiring websites on the internet, Indeed is compared to LinkedIn, which is also one of the finest platforms for job seekers. However, they both may have a larger audience that comes and apply, but indeed have more job options than LinkedIn. 


If you want to avoid all the scams and don’t want to waste time skipping fake professional opportunities, then you must make a LinkedIn profile. According to the professional world of business and IT companies, every recruiter prefers to check the LinkedIn profiles of the applicants. Furthermore, this platform is not just a simple job-searching website; it is a hub for professional growth, where most of the employed individuals share their success stories along with tips regarding cracking job interviews. It becomes difficult when you start counting and writing about the benefits LinkedIn offers, and it will take more than three pages to come up with all the assistance. That’s why go and search the website to learn more about this platform of professionals,

Quick Tips to Improvise Your Content

  • Adopt storytelling in your writing because it engages the audience towards your intended purpose or product. 
  • You must be specific and avoid lengthy sentences as they break the flow of reading and are also difficult to read. 
  • Content Should be Keyword Optimised because your massage should reach a larger audience. 
  • It all depends on your creativity while writing content; that’s why using unique words increases readers' interest. 
  • Blog or article writing is all about appealing and attractive content that pleases the audiences. So, transition words help in connecting the sentence and enhance the readability. 

Content writing is the trending professional field that has shaken the money-making business as you can easily get a good amount of money from every part of the world. Hence, it doesn’t mean that office-based jobs are not for content writers. In reality, there are several advantages to office base jobs, such as job security, flexible income and medical allowances. So, take help from the information shared above, and as an educated person, you should never apply for job posts that ask for money or registration charges. In the end, good luck and never stop trying. Take care!