The Ultimate Guidelines: To Write An Outline In APA Format

Academic writers understand the game behind all these formatting styles, in-text citations, and references. However, for young and freshie college students, these much-needed practices come as shocking unknown skills. Hence, the reason is simple: before approaching college studies, most students are unaware of the real fundamental and formal writing ways of academic writing. Therefore, it becomes a hassle for students to write their essays, assignments, and thesis according to the instructions from their instructors. But in the modern digital world, students have found various alternatives to deal with their lengthy homework, just like acquiring aid from online Ireland, UK, or UAE assignment help at low charges. 

Despite all these services, it is essential to have a command of different academic writing styles and their outlines. That’s why here is the full guide to APA formal style and its outline.  

What is APA Formal Style of Writing?

American Psychological Association formatting style is old-school and one of the first to adopt a writing style that is mainly used in sociological Psychological, human behavior, and other social sciences assignments, essays, and thesis papers. Unlike other MLA styles, this formation is considered the most difficult and time-consuming. Moreover, in most cases, the students are highly advised to follow the shared instructions while writing their papers in APA format. 

5 Common Mistakes Found in APA Format Research Papers 

It is common for college and university students to receive their submitted assignments for revision and modifications. In the same way, there are some usual mistakes that young lads make while drafting their thesis reports in APA format. 

Fragmentary Header

The title page is the first highlighting element of the assignment or thesis paper, and in order to keep things formal, all the additions must be in their places. Just like the three fond title page heading and hyperlink style on the front page, the addition of a running header is important in APA format. Unfortunately, the implementation of the header has become less in coming research papers nowadays, and due to these results, students often get minor marks from the instructors.  

Flaws in In-Text Citations

University and college instructors are aware of the unauthentic online resources, and they regularly come up with assignments filled with imitative data. Similarly, due to the availability of erroneous websites and blogs, students are advised to add in-text citations to the thesis and assignments. However, after strict advice, there still a few flaws are found in assignments regarding citations. For instance,

  • Reference on wrong one-liner 
  • The year before the name 
  • Not mentioning the resource sector if the writer is known 
  • Adding multiple citations right after another

Unauthentic References 

Apart from research articles, journals, and course books, the google scholar search engine is one of the essential elements that aid students in their research papers. Even though students just have to read, collect the data and mention the researchers in the reference section, they make major errors in the process. Likewise, highlighting distinctive references and dissimilar citations of the reference in the writing pages. 

Quotation Errors 

 In today’s time, creating research papers for academics has become easy just because of the available data of PhD-level individuals. Similarly, the availability of already existing research papers on the internet has helped millions of students to get higher academic grades. Therefore, it is important to mention them with good quotation lines. But around 75% of papers have multiple errors while giving credit to researchers. Including, 

  • Separating reference from the sentence
  • Adding unreliable lines 
  • Quotation with full and multiple names

Mixup with Other Referencing Styles 

All the referencing styles, such as MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Vancouver and APA, have similarities. But in most cases, it is found that students apply Harvard style in types of formal writing styles, as it is a commonly used format in academics. In APA referencing, the years come right after the author’s name. Thus, some students include page numbers as well. That’s why they are asked to modify them in revisions. 

Basics of APA Format 

Every academic style has its own formation, and APA also has some fort changes and other implementations that makes it one of the toughest in all. But here is the easy way lookup the points shared below: 

  • Double space paragraph on each page 
  • The merging of combined pages should be inch – left, right, bottom, and top.
  • Times New Roman font type is used in APA style 
  • The font size will be 12 except for headings
  • Any further changes and addition can be asked by the instructor 

Ultimate Guidelines of APA Format Outline

APA is one of the oldest academic practices and requires a little more time to understand and write it properly. Therefore, here is the easily described formation of the APA outline. 

APA Format Structure 

Title Page

  • Name of the Student 
  • Subject 
  • Course name 
  • Affiliated institution/University 
  • Name of Instructor 
  • Assignment deadline 


  • Double-spaced single paragraph (not more than 250 words)
  • Separate page right after title page 
  •  Highlightation of the main point of the research briefly 
  • The abstract also includes asked questions regarding the topic

Main Body 

  • Inclusion of supportive data 
  • Brief of actual causes 
  • Evidence with examples 
  • Suggestions for positive solutions 


  • Summing up Points
  • Short overview of all the discussed points 
  • A highlight of personal idea 
  • Ending regards 

Formation of Heading & Sub-Heading in APA

Roman Numerals (I, II, III)

In the APA Formatting outline, the first heading will start with Roman Numerals. 

English alphabets (A, B, C)

Top headings always require sub-headings to describe them properly. So, Capital English alphabets are used for sub-headings in APA format. 

Arab numerals (1, 2, 3)

In the process of adding the extra sub-headings of sub-headings, Arab numerals are used. 

English Alphabets (Lower Case Letters)

In need of extra sub-headings, lowercase letters are applied to start the discussion points right after Arab numerals. 

These were the essential basic points that academic students should know before writing their assignments with the APA outlines. So, follow these guidelines and enhance your assignments and research papers like a professional.