How Chat GPT is ruining the student's career?

The evolution of chatbots was predicted even before the formation of the digital social world. There were always several indications that AI androids and computer bots would work along with humans. Finally, the time arrived, and in November 2022, we met with the first prototype model, Chat GPT. Hence, the reviews are mixed, and even the positive ones have some points to cover about the limitation of this newly furnished platform for human help. Likewise, if we go through the student’s perspective, students in European countries face the issues of repetitive answers. Similarly, the students have detected inefficient and accurate data in their Assignment help UAE, Jordan and Egypt, and other Middle East countries. On that account, it has become essential to discover more about the occurring errors that can harm the working social structure of job employees and the careers of inspiring students. 


Why is Chat GPT Trending? 

The Chat GPT powered by OpenAI was launched with the promise of furnishing easy and quick assistance. Such as developing programming language, composing songs, telling stories, writing students’ academic assignments, and other human help encouragements; the OpenAI’s chatbot was made public. However, in just a few months, the reviews are in front of us regarding this evaluating chatbot program. 


It will be too early to predict or speculate the true intention of this unique implementation because, in most cases, people are unsatisfied after their first experience with this AI program. For instance, professors, engineers, businessmen, and corporate professionals have criticized the results of asked assistance. On the other hand, individuals such as graphic designers and IT developers have admired the services of this recently launched AI invention. But after the public of Chat GPT, the educational sector has experienced massive bustle and turmoil simultaneously. Let's perceive the negative impacts of the OpenAl chatbot on student life. 

5 Apparent Issues Chat GPT Can Create in Student Life 

1. Fear of Inauthentic Information 

As encouraging students, individuals have to offer the knowledge and collected information with comprehensive genuine references. Similarly, the assignments and research thesis of the college students are based on reasonable and valuable source material. That’s why youngsters don’t even try to add something out of the box to their academic papers. So, the AI Chat GPT’s help can create thoughtful situations for the students. For instance, the execution of inauthentic information and misleading against the accuracy of the facts and figures.

2. Plagiarised Results 

Chat GPT has all the highlights nowadays, as students are in the race to find out those benefits that could help them with their academic assignments and other projects. Just like other query questions on online search engines regarding the usage and authenticity of this chatbot, the questions about plagiarism clearance are at the top. Simply put, people want to know if the shared data of Chat GPT is free from any copycat samples and plagiarised work or not. 


According to the supportive data of this program, providing non-plagiarised data is one of the essential benefits of this chatbot. But today’s generation is not ready to show complete dependency on this newborn OpenAl invention. Therefore, doubts about plagiarism will always circulate among students. So, that’s an active flaw of this technology that needs time to be fully implemented. 


3. Thoughts of Unreliability

You can come up with many references and solid evidence in support of the presented data of OpenAI’s chatbot. But the question of reliability will be there, and it doesn’t matter how authentic the provided resources are. This means that in academics, students won’t risk their careers by just submitting their assignments and research papers, taking help from some AI tool. Secondly, in college life, no one wants to face the alarming situation of getting a demotion. So, even though the chatbot is the future of tomorrow, it will take years to convince the educational sector to work along with it for the betterment of the upcoming generation. 

4. Lack of Motivation

One of the major factors of technology is shaping an easy life for humans through fast-working alternatives. However, the fact remains that it has also made humans lazy. Moreover, we all are educated that all modern technologies are for the betterment of mankind. But as living beings on this planet, we all know how much we have lost due to the massive pollution from industries. Coming back to the point. The newcomer chatbot can be a lifesaver for those students who are weak in writing or generating content for their endorsements. Thus, this kind of dependency can cause major setbacks in the upbringing of the young blood. For example, a lack of interest in writing and an absence of excitement toward education. 

5. Death of Creativity

If we take a moment and go into the thoughts of our future life with these bots, do we view ourselves as working individuals with creative ideas? Absolutely not! The future looks like a dystopian science fiction movie if we really do our research on the subject of allowing AI bots to do our regular work. In simple understanding, creativity comes from active minds who have the will to work daily, and if students only count on AI, then the futuristic signs are more apparent, which shows the death of creativity in the upcoming generation. 


We can have debates about taking advantage of these chatbots. But today, most of the population wants to achieve their goals by doing nothing. Therefore, we are not ready for that time when humans will take full benefits from these chatbots.