Role Of Women In UAE In Past And Present

There are plenty of nations that are defined and respected for their historical past and praising achievements. However, the United Arab Emirates didn’t have anything special to share about social development and human welfare till its industrial revolution in 1960. Due to a lack of economic resources and other major trade support, the natives traveled for days to bring food to the table. Hence, times changed, and after the discovery of oil in 1958 UAE shook the world with massive development projects and technological inventions. In all these unbelievable changes and successful turnovers in the business and tourism industries, people usually forget about the participation of women, who are one-third of the UAE. It is true and acceptable that the country of seven Emirates has become a major resourceful state worldwide, that even college-level students are earning their daily wages. For instance, offering online graphic designing services in Dubai assignment help in Sharjah, and virtual tutoring in Abu Dhabi. But the country still becomes short of praising its women with more admiring words. 

Life of Women in Gulf Countries 

The Persian Gulf countries are often considered the superpower states of the Middle East region; by acquiring all the needed technological advantages and economic boosts, developed countries such as Kuwait, Israel, and UAE have uplifted the world’s economy. Thus, all these praises can go down when we discuss the well-being of a specific gender in those countries. In today’s digital time, the destination and violence against women are not as high as in the eighties and nighties. But, still, women are considered less important compared to men. From living a simple household life to marrying an unknown man are some of the common practices that are still followed in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. 

Evolution of Women in UAE

The history of women’s participation in the UAE was similar to other Gulf countries; as some speculate, women's life was difficult in the Emirate due to a lack of resources and earning opportunities. But after the rise of UAE from the gifted blessing of oil discovery, women started getting recognition as the opposite and opportunities availing gender. History also suggests that before all the urbanization, women were respected for giving birth to boys. But after the start of industrial evolution in 1960, this specific gender started getting its own social development societies. 

Struggling Times of Discrimination 

It won’t be wrong if we speculate that women are still under back-end discrimination by the superiority of male dominance. As if we go through the past before and after the oil discovery (1958) and social development plan (1971), the resources for women were less, with 7 to 10 percent of employment and property assets. Moreover, it is reported that women had one important role of managing and caring for their homes in the absence of their lost and gone husbands for fishing and other trades. 

Rise of Women's Empowerment after 1990

The natives consider the decade of 2010 that came with the overnight rise to the UAE after the establishment of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, which includes women's equal rights. However, since 1990, women have been serving the nation in all major sectors, such as art, technology, tourism, healthcare, sports, and humanitarian work. With more than 3 million covering the population, the employment ratio reached 12% to 52.4% in just 12 years. Moreover, UAE holds a 95% literacy rate including, women’s enrolment, with the highest numbers of success results, compared to men and foreign students. In the same way, around 70% of the women population in seven Emirate is university graduates and serves in well repetitive sectors in UAE. 

Progress of Women's Empowerment in Present Times

The list of successful women is packed with inspiring and motivating personalities. From Minister for Tolerance; Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi to politician businessman Noura Al Kaabi every nation-serving lady has a strong story to tell. Hence, that’s the reason UAE came to the top position of Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Arab Businesswomen. Plus, around 23 thousand women in the business world hold total net worth assets of over AED 50 billion.

In modern times, women have free will and liberty to participate in business endorsements, and administrative positions such as Hana Al Rostamani and Amal Al Qubaisi are examples of this talent and gift gender in UAE. Similarly, women also strongly participate in athletics and sports, as Shamma Al Kalbani winning a medal at World Games has started a new era of sports revolution in UAE. 

Professional Areas with More Exposure for Women in UAE

  • Medical and Health Care 
  • Public Sector Jobs 
  • interior Designing 
  • Education Sector 
  • Sales Retailing and Marketing 
  • Tourism 
  • Administrative Offices 

The United Arab Emirates comes on top of the list of most recommended countries for tourism. In just a few decades, it has become the actual example post the modernization era. Hence, it still needs to give more credit to its women, and the employment rate must go up to 80%. The hopes are high as the country is up for its developmental plan that includes the projects of women empowerment and equality as well. So, let’s not separate women from the globalization and achievement of our states and praise them in every way possible.