Make Money from Blogging – A Guide

Make Money from Blogging – A Guide

It is like an everyday thing earning money while working from home or any part of the world. Hence, after the pandemic, it becomes more apparent that physical office reliability will end very soon. On the other hand, if we talk about the resources for online earning, search engines are filled with courses on online earning and acquiring IT-related skills. Everyone knows that coding is the future of a flexible, professional life, but do we know that great writing skills can also help an individual earn a good amount of money? Yes!  Through blog writing, you can also earn daily wages, and it doesn’t require any professional status or investment. 

In simple understanding, blog writing is not just spreading information about known or trending things. In reality, this form of writing has extended routes that connect with product sales, promotions and online marketing. For instance, assignment writing service providers or online shopping platforms can hire a blog writer to do affiliated marketing with the help of engaging content in the blog.

What is Blog Writing?

Before the rise of the internet and social networking platforms, there were only articles that used to be published in newspapers and magazines about celebrities, schemes, sales and other life-related topics. However, times changed, and people got essential platforms to share their views and lifestyles through blog writing. In today’s time, blogging is used as a tool to earn money, share needed information and influence others at the same time. Online websites are filled with blogs of daily life tips, suggestions and options. Plus, in order to understand how to earn money, you have to learn about the monetisation of content on the internet. 

What is Blog Monetisation?

Blog monetisation generates the revenue that bloggers earn from their uploaded blogs on the website. The revenue depends on the traffic of people on the intended blog, the addition of ads through Google AdSense and affiliate marketing with other companies. Simply put, if your blog is worth reading, then all these allocations will look for the person who is followed by a larger audience for stimulating blogs. 

How to Make Money From Blogging 2023?


Google AdSense

For bloggers, Google AdSense is one of the major resources for earning money because it helps them to run their blogs with online ads and commercials. Just like various commercial ads surround every newspaper in the same way with the network service of Google AdSense, blogs are highlighted with topic-related ads and commercial appeals. Besides the online assistance of Google, bloggers also make direct contact with businesses to fill side spaces with commercial ads. 

Freelance Websites

Nowadays, freelancing websites are at their peak, as they have offered earning opportunities to millions of individuals around the globe. These websites are open for bloggers who can offer writing services of blogs and articles for IT and marketing companies by making official accounts. Freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and are some of the common hubs for blogging writing services in the masses. 

Online Product Sales Marketing

Blogging has a broader scope in sharing lifestyle tips and sharing home decor products. With the skill of writing attractive content, bloggers promote e-commerce products with marketing tactics and promotional approaches. Most e-commerce have their own content writers to draft blogs to promote selling products and earn revenue. Writing a product description blog is simple, as you just need to find common problems and regular issues that intended products can solve. 

Affiliated Marketing 

In today’s time, almost every blog comes with affiliated marketing approaches, where bloggers leave affiliated links to business that includes retailing or online service websites. In this type of earning money, bloggers don't have to sell their related service or product directly, as they just influence the readers to take the shared link as an option. In simple terms, affiliated marketing is like card stalking and bandwagon strategies. 

Join Digital Marketing Company Remotely

The marketplace of corporate business is turning digital, as IT and digital marketing companies are already one step ahead. Blog writing is content creation, and every marketing firm needs those individuals who can help their business grow and spread its message to a wider audience. Similarly, every online service-providing agency requires someone who can bring customers with the help of appealing blogs. So, to do an online remote job, you just need a laptop and an internet connection. Hence, job-hunting websites are filled with job opportunities to work remotely for marketing and IT firms.  

Top Blogging Websites to Make Money

If you are a beginner in this profession, then it is essential to practice your writing and start offering blog writing services. Before going for freelance work, beginners must have written material available on blogging websites. In addition, here are some best blogging spots where you can easily make your account and earn money for free. 

  1. Wix
  2. WordPress
  3. Medium
  4. Weebly
  5. Substack
  6. Ghost
  7. Hub Pages 
  8. Blogger
  9. Tumblr
  10. LinkedIn

Tips to Boost Your Blog like a Professional 


Choose Trending Topics

If you want to earn money through blogging, then it is highly essential to attract a larger audience to your blogging site. That’s why always choose a trending topic that could get more views. Moreover, this approach will help you understand your audience and their interests. 

Draft Blog with Optimised Keywords

Google search engine grabs those blogs that come under the search of a larger audience. Plus, in order to earn good money, you should always follow those techniques that could help your blog rank higher on the search engine. SEO-friendly blogging is an art, and bloggers have to surround their blogs and articles around optimised keywords to get organic ranking on Google. 

Use Storytelling Approach

In blogging, storytelling can be your key to captivate readers to the end, and while spreading information, you have to be specific, general and logical. With the addition of the storytelling aspect in your writing, many new ideas can be implemented during the process. For instance, the addition of humorous or emotional touch in the blog. 

Relate the Topic to the Audience

In the world of blog writing, every topic issue or content has a connection with people, like how it affects and works around them. You just have to find and add all the reasons and logical facts about how they are connected with your spreading message. People love to follow those things that show resemblance to them and their regular life. 

End the Blog with a Promising Conclusion

No matter how good the introduction or body of your blog is, never miss the chance to impress the reader with a fitting summing-up conclusion. According to the observation, it is noted that the conclusion is the perfect spot to influence the readers to take action according to the spreading message in the blog. 

This was the needed information for those who want to become bloggers. If you really are interested in writing, then remember to practice daily, as this skill can only be mastered through regular practice and improvisation.