Essay on UAE National Day

On 2nd December 1971, UAE got its independence from the British and came as the newly developing country on the map of the world. Hence, how the country became the top market for oil supply is a very inspiring story. People celebrate their national day with a lot of courage and patriotism.

After the separation in 1971 UAE had its most profitable resource which is oil and because of this discovery, this Arab country is known all around the world. Hence, not just that this beautiful and fast-growing country changed its overall infrastructure and turned the deserted areas into metropolitan roads and luxurious buildings. After so many efforts and struggles of the father of the UAE nation Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan this deserted state became an independent and self-proclaimed country. On 2nd December after the addition of Ras al Khaimah as the 7th emirate in 1972, the government of the United Arab Emirate announced to celebrate this day as the national day and it will be a national holiday. 

On this special occasion, people spend their time traveling around with their family and friends. Thus, parks, schools, shopping malls and restaurants are decorated with national flags and arrow lighting. This country has around 200 nationalities and all the people who live there also celebrate this gifted day along with the natives, which includes those students who are doing part-time jobs such as product marketing, graphic designing and assignments help UAE.

Talking briefly about the celebrations then the firecrackers show is quite famous during the festivals in this Arab country. Moreover, the celebrations at Burj Khalifa are also memorable on a national day. Just like in other countries the parade of soldiers is also highlighted in the media channels and the famous politicians and leaders of the UAE give motivational speeches to the crowd during this special event. Furthermore, UAE is one of those countries that has a unique culture which shows many resemblances with other Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan.

The concept of staging the heritage village is eye-grabbing. People believe that they should celebrate their national day in a traditional way. Therefore, they also dress like perfect Arabs. Hence, their way of dressing is called Thawbs and Abayas. Similarly, dance shows, car relies, peace marches and home decorations are the most common ways of celebrating their national day. In the same way, art plays a major role in the process of celebration, for instance, kids and younger are given chart papers to make colorful drawings and designs. Likewise, the restaurant owners serve the national dishes to the people on that memorable day along with good blessings. Those who are far away from their family and country such as soldiers and diplomats dress in their cultural attires and costumes to show their gratitude towards their country.

A person should always repay his or her country in the most delightful way possible because so many people have made sacrifices and numerous lives have been lost to get their homeland's independence. In the end, it becomes essential for every individual to not make fun of other people's religion, country, culture or customs because we all are humans. Thus, there are two things that can connect us which are love and respect.

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