MBA Requirements in Dubai

Completing higher studies at foreign universities is the dream of every inspiring student worldwide. One of the main reasons for studying overseas is the education structure. Hence, most developing countries around the globe lack offering of better and more modern learning tactics and courses. That’s why students are keen to join those universities which care for their students. On the other hand, the reason for pursuing education can also be related to a professional career. Many have managed to earn degrees along with their professional contracts in the same countries. Thus, if they require any help in academics, they can easily go for bachelors or MBA assignment help Dubai, UK or Ireland, as all the writing assistance is available worldwide. 

For those who are excited to continue their academic career in one of the commercially rich countries in the world, Dubai, then this is the right place where they will find all the details. Hence, these particular requirements and eligibility are only for those students who want to acquire an MBA in UAE. 

Why Choose Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most profitable Emirates in UAE, and it is known for its academic Excellency all around the world. Plus, there won’t be any doubt if we say that the most accessible destination is the true representative of the UAE. Moreover, if we deeply discuss the scope of higher education in Dubai, this metropolitan Emirate has campuses of all major universities. For instance, Middlesex University, London Business Schools and Canadian Universities. 

Besides, many people know that the cost of living in UAE is high for European countries. But if we talk about education, the hub of the tallest building is cheap compared to neighbouring and other developed countries. Likewise, most of the students from Asian countries such as India, Iran and Pakistan are shifting to UAE locations in order to study and earn daily wages. Furthermore, the universities and colleges have multiple courses of intended programs and offer scholarships and diploma fellowships. 

Top Universities that Offer MBA Degrees to Foreign Students

It is pretty easy to find a university or college which offers MBA in Dubai. But students should consider those which offer scholarships and student exchange program benefits. Here are some of the finest picks where you can easily apply for an MBA degree. However, these universities also have their eligibility and requirements criteria. Therefore, check them on their official websites before going for the application form. Here are the top international universities in Dubai. 

  • University of Wollongong in Dubai
  • American University in the Dubai
  • Zayed University Dubai
  • Canadian University of Dubai
  • University of Dubai

Eligibility Criteria of Universities in Dubai

In Dubai, almost all universities have the same eligibility criteria for bachelor’s and master’s students. However, there can be several minor changes in the requirements and conditions. Otherwise, all the needed information about universities is available on their official websites.

Besides, the criteria of requirements and conditions shared below are officially owned by the British University of Dubai. Hence, it is shared to help the students learn about the application process. Students are advised to follow and understand the requirements as they are mentioned below. 

Essential Requirements

  • A relevant Bachelor’s degree is equivalent to an Upper Second Class or with a Good GPA (3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale or equivalent) from an accredited university.
  • A minimum EmSAT score of 1400, TOEFL score of 550 (213 CBT, 79 iBT), IELTS academic score of 6.0, or their equivalents on another standardised nationally or internationally recognised test that the Ministry of Education approves in the UAE.
  • A copy of the updated C.V
  • Submission of a certificate of equivalency issued by the Ministry of Education in the UAE for all previous degree certificates awarded by institutions outside the UAE.
  • A copy of the passport along with a copy of the Emirates ID (If available).
  • Al Ethbara Number (for UAE nationals only).

Prime Conditions 

  • A student with a GPA of 2.5 to 2.99 will be conditionally admitted upon the programme tutor approval and an EmSat English Score of 1250, IELTS score of 5.5, TOEFL score of 530 (71 iBT), or its equivalent in a standardised English language test approved by the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs is required.
  • A student with a GPA of 2.0 to 2.49 should have at least two years of relevant work experience after graduation and an EmSat English Score of 1250, IELTS score of 5.5 (TOEFL 530, 71 iBT), or its equivalent in a standardised English language test approved by the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs may be provisionally admitted to a Master’s program.

All the discussed information about the selection criteria is addressed according to the documental and grade requirement of the British University of Dubai. However, these shared points are the most important and must have eligibility if you decide to pursue education at the universities of Dubai. 

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