Essay on Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates of UAE, which is known for its vibrant art of buildings and eye-grabbing heritage. Many people consider Dubai one of the prime destinations for family holidays. 

Almost 10 to 15 years ago this commercially rich place was sandy land located around the Arabian dessert. But now after so much groundwork and recent development, this Emirate of UAE has constructed several noted and tallest buildings, including Burj Khalifa, Princess Tower and Almas Tower. Moreover, there are various historical and religious places as well such as the Jumeirah Mosque and the Dubai Museum. 

Dubai has a great scope related to academic education, 90 % of schools are private sectors, which provide education along with modern trends and technologies. Arabic is the official language of Dubai however, there are multiple schools and colleges that also furnish education in different foreign languages. Likewise, in English, British and French. One of the main focuses of UAE and Dubai is education hence, that’s the reason it is mandatory for children from 05 to 15 to pursue an education in all the Emirates of UAE. The world-renowned universities are American University, British University in Dubai and the University of Wollongong in Dubai. Furthermore, there are various tuition centers for kids and teens, which provide educational assistance to the students starting from project guidance to homework and assignment help. In addition, some of the major tuition institutions are Mega Brain Training Institute, The Tutoring center and Knowledge Quotient.

Tourism has always played a very important and dominant role in the business and popularity of Dubai. Million people love to travel to this famous land of Arabs and the visiting rate increases every 6 months. If we go into the past history of tourism in Dubai then no one even wanted to stay in Dubai. However, after independence and rapid construction of the buildings grabbed the attention of the tourists and here we are that the numbers of migrants and tourism has increased in almost seven Emirates. Being an Arab, Muslim country the culture of people is slightly different and modern, due to the migration of people from developing countries Dubai has become culturally diverse. 

The major reason for the rapid growth of Dubai is business. As we all know that UAE is one of the major oil-producing countries. In fact, producing tons of oil every year has made the Emirates of Arab land commercially rich. Moreover, there are plenty of business methods and terms which are quite famous such as Real Estate, construction, E-Commerce, Health Care and handyman business. 

Travel and tour have always been the major factors in the popularity of Dubai and also UAE. However, we should not underrate other ways of businesses which are mentioned above. In reality, Dubai is a living example of hard work and belief in change. Thus, every other country should learn from the developments of the UAE and its natives for this kind of revolution, which will go on for ages to come. For those who haven’t visited the wonders of Dubai then the doors are always open for them to explore.

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