Renting an Apartment in UAE

Renting an Apartment in UAE

Dubai is a dream place for those who aim to start their professional life somewhere away from their actual residence. It includes inspiring students who want to pursue higher education on foreign grounds, talented professionals with degrees of their acquired skills, and daily wage workers. UAE is one of those countries that opens the door for every foreigner who intends to work hard and provide the best. Likewise, numerous five-star hotels require staff. Similarly, many academic tutors offer assignment help Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. In simple terms, the UAE has everything for those who want to do something big in life. 

Otherwise, those newcomers should also feel that UAE is their home. That’s why renting an apartment in this country is easy, as there are no complications in tenancy registrations. However, it is essential to learn why renting an apartment is better than buying a house. So, find out benefits and smart tips here:

Why Renting an Apartment in UAE is A Smart Move?

Affordable Rates

Emirates of UAE, for instance, Dubai and Sharjah, have south side areas where renting a two-bedroom apartment costs around 70 000 to 100,000 AED every month. These shared rates are lower than the average rent in the Real Estate market. Moreover, after getting an association with a well-known rental firm, you can easily find an apartment filled with all the needed accessories. Thus, charges will depend on the demand in the market. 

Free From Other Expenses 

When you rent an apartment from a trustful Real Estate agency, it becomes easy for you to get the right and pocket-friendly apartment. In reality, the UAE is known for its astonishing infrastructure, which means one can expect cleanliness around every housing society. So, there is no need to worry about the neighbourhood idea. Plus, a rental house saves people from all the renovation and DEWA installation charges. 

Extensive Notice Period

This may be new for people from developing countries. But according to tenancy rules in UAE, the respective landlord of the property or apartment has to give three-month advance notice to the person living on rent. This means that you do not need to worry about urgently finding an apartment if your landlord wants you to shift. In the same way, these rules also save Ejaris from other financial hurdles they face while shifting from their rental apartment. If we take a moment and think, then a three-month notice period is huge. That’s why renting an apartment in the UAE is safe. 

Low Annual Increase in Monthly Rent

How much have you expected the annual increase rate in UAE? It doesn’t matter what you speculate about the yearly increment in the rent because it all depends on the Real Estate market rates. It means that if the rent of your apartment is less than 10%, then the owner won’t increase the rent. Similarly, if the monthly rent charges are higher than 10% or 20%, then the rent will increase up to 10% every year. Otherwise, go and check the rent Index set by RERA for a better understanding.

Simple Tips Before Renting an Apartment in UAE 

Get an Experienced Agent From Nearby Real Estate Firm

The Real Estate market of UAE is enormous as the reason is crystal clear. The land in this dream place has lofty demand. Therefore, you should also hire an agent with all the knowledge about reserve property dealing and contract signing between the renter and landlord. Furthermore, always try to rent an apartment that already has available water & electricity connections.

Arrange Ejari Tenancy Contract for Registration

Ejari Tenancy Contract is the legal document essential in any property dealing for house or apartment renting. A diligent agent from a Real Estate agency will arrange all the legal documents. But if that agent doesn’t provide it, then there is no way you can have the right to legal registration. So, never forget to arrange an Ejari contract, as it will give you free will on the apartment or any rented property you take under the contract. 

Always Have A Rental Insurance

Also known as renter’s insurance, this governmental policy saves the renter from land damage or other complications. There are several things that benefit the renter. In the same way, it also depends on the landlords, like the assurance they want from their renting party. On the other hand, after having legal documentation of rental insurance, you can take help from the intended firm to finance you if any damage or theft occurs during your time in the apartment. 

Understand Your Tenancy Rights 

Every country has its residency and tenancy rights, but there are also few laws that show the resemblances with other countries’ rights. It is easy to find the complete guided list of RERA Tenancy Law on the internet. In addition, your hired agent will also suggest some common rights. 

You should remember these noted points before searching for an apartment in the UAE. There can be numerous ways of renting an apartment in every city in the United Arab Emirates. But you should not go for those ways that skip the legal documentation. In the end, these suggested tips shared above will help you when you finally decide to buy an apartment in the UAE.