Essay on UAE

If we talk about those countries who are ruling this world and inspiring other developing countries then the United Arab Emirates always comes on the top. Can anyone imagine how a deserted state become one of the most beautiful and profitable countries on the planet? 

The United Arab Emirates, a country that was left alone in the early 19s, has developed in a manner that every country wants to have good relations with. If we go through a little bit of history of this land of pure oil then at the beginning it looked impossible for a country like UAE to compete with other countries. Hence, the reasons were visible to everyone, lack of water supply, damaged infrastructure and lack of high education in people. However, the natives and the higher authorities of UAE proved the world wrong at every point. For instance, other countries believed that this Arab state would not have any business resources. Although just a few years later UAE became one of the prime countries that produce oil. In the same way, many agriculturalists argued about the deserted lands of the UAE. They gave their speculations that this state won’t have any agricultural growth. However, the Sheikhs of the Emirates had something else in mind and they started constructing taller buildings on those lands. Thus, few of the prime examples are Burj Khalifa and Princess Tower.

The military force of the United Arab Emirates is one of the strongest all around the world. Thus, the most common religion of the people is Islam. However, this peaceful country doesn’t have any gender inequality or cultural discrimination. Hence, we can take the examples of foreign scholarships and cultural programs offered by the universities in UAE for students around the world. Furthermore, this country has around 200 nationalities, which means it welcomes people from around the globe to visit them. In addition students from other developing countries including Iran, Bangladesh and Pakistan love to continue their higher education at these gifted grounds.

The educational structure is always appreciable because education has always been the major focus of the UAE authorities. Moreover, the teachers, instructors, and professors are highly qualified and well trained. If we talk about the basic assignment help for secondary students or thesis guidance to a university student then in UAE everything is possible regarding educational assistance. The people of this productive country follow unique and special cultures. Likewise, the living standards of the native is also different from others, as they are living a luxurious life as compared to other neighboring countries. According to recent reports, this land of Sheikhs is the world’s 3rd richest country. 

In just few decades this country is one of the most well-structured and developed countries around the world. Hence, every other country should learn from this affluent state. If anyone from other countries wants to have a successful educational or professional career in the United Arab Emirates then they are always welcome as there are several universities and software companies that are offering multiple opportunities. Furthermore, online job and scholarship applications are available on online sites. 

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